News & Updates

2009/01/23 - Mediastork v1 (NEW)  

  • Mediastork v1 has finally been released. People had many installation problems which let to making this release an ALL-IN-ONE solution.


  • Download NOW v1
  • 1) Unzip the ZIP file
  • 2) Copy the xampplite folder to the ROOT of your c: drive. (c:/xampplite)
  • 3) Execute C:/xampplite/xampp-control.exe
  • 4) Start both Apache & MySQL
  • 5) Open IE (Internet Explorer) and browse to: http://localhost/mediastork
  • 6) Login as username: admin and password: admin

2008/02/08 - Mediastork Vista v0054  

  • Mediastork v0054 is finally released including the new skin.

2007/09/09 - New Skin: Mediastork Vista   

  • Mediastork v0054 will be released within the upcoming weeks.
  • Alongside a brand new skin to fit with WMP11.

2007/08/18 - New Release: Mediastork v0052   

  • Mediastork v0052 is finally released.
  • Added search funcationality!
  • We are also proud to announce that
    the new version is now OPEN SOURCE!
  • Mediastork is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA License.

2007/01/08 - Mediastork Homepage   

  • Mediastork releases the new website, we hope you'll like it.
  • Mediastork v0052 PHP to be released soon.

2006/06/04 - Mediastork Manager Concept   

  • We made a new concept for the mediastork startpage
  • Please Leave comments on the forum, thanks!

2006/04/02 - Mediastork v0026 PHP

  • PHP version release
  • New Mediastork Forum
  • Anime & TV series support

2006/01/30 - Mediastork v0025 ColdFusion

  • Quick-Play support from medialist
  • Gameboy & Gameboy Advance Support

2005/11/24 - Mediacork changes name to Mediastork

  • We all thought Mediastork would make more sense than a cork.
  • After all a Stork delivers babies, Mediastork delivers you media.


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